Randal Harrison
He was a brand before the Leahys made him famous. Learn more about his adventures, misadventures, and other happenings.

Stas Venglevski
After the Leahys discovered, cleaned up, and taught him how to play the bayan Stas became a world famous talent. Find out what Stas is up to. ?? ???????????! (That's Russian for He's Excellent!)

Joe Ketchum
Joe Ketchum is a superb violinist with an ear like few others. He commands an audience with his virtuousity and improvisational abilities.

Dave Delgado
One of their favorite guests. His flutes and whistles can be heard on Family Brew and Near and Far.

J.P. Geygan!
There is a good reason for the exclamation mark following his name. At any given show this bagpipe-toting sensation will single-handedly upstage the band, bring down the house, and steal the most hardened of hearts. Find him on Facebook. JP! JP! JP!

Mark & Karen Ward
The band's official videographers and dear friends. He is also the official Sky Pilot (how high can you fly?) of Leahys Luck.

Dan Gnader-eDream Studios
The band's favorite recording engineer, owner/proprietor of eDream Studios, responsible for the silk purse from a sow's ear.

Irish Fest
The Largest Irish Festival in the World right here in Milwaukee!

The Celtic Music Association
The Celtic Music Association was created in 1992 by a small group of visionary individuals who had a hunger and desire to bring Celtic Music to central Iowa.

Tosa Tonight
A local concert series for one of the Leahy's favorite causes. New - Rotary Performance Pavillion in Wauwatosa

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin
The Shamrock Club is the oldest and largest Irish American membership organization in the State of Wisconsin.

Irish Music Box
Irish Music Box is the on-line magazine for Irish Music.

The Mudcat Cafe
A site dedicated to folk & blues featuring an enormous song database.

Shawn Littel
Leahys Luck CD hawker/trafficker extraordinaire volunteers her time by advising their fans which CD's to buy. By day a registered nurse on the OB floor, she serves double-duty at events for stage mishaps, medical emergencies, or potentially the delivery of a baby at any given venue. Her volunteer contributions are appreciated.

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